Senin, 17 Maret 2014

Do Birthdays Matter?

We begin today's post with a philosophical question. Do birthdays matter? completely different|completely different} folks can little doubt provide different responses. I even have compiled a listing of what i feel square measure the main milestones in life.

1. therefore you have got your initial year underneath your belt. perhaps you'll be able to walk, maybe not. you almost certainly are not flying solo to the toilet nonetheless. You get to smash cake into your face whereas the remainder folks refer however cute you're. Enjoy!

5. We've enjoyed you adequate, therefore it is time to travel to preschool and terrorize somebody else.

6. currently you get to travel to high school. we tend to take photos of you along with your new lunch box and backpack.

10. Congratulations! you are all grownup up. currently you're within the integer club.

12. FYI, you're NOT a youngster nonetheless.

13. Finally, you are a juvenile person. a lot of prep. Heavier textbooks. numerous drama.

16. Sweet sixteen. Finally, you'll be able to drive. that is if you'll be able to persuade pater. More drama.

18. Graduation. Moving day. commemorate in school. No college?... Get a job! Thanks for returning.

20. you are not a youngster any longer. Stop the drama. Hopefully you are still in school. Thinking of falling by the wayside, well, you higher hope you are enterpriser.

21. University is looking. build the family proud. pater is looking forward to you for retirement.

25. low cost insurance, at last! Graduate to the $64000 world. Find a job. currently we discover out if you picked a decent major or not.

(Ladies only) twenty nine. Birthdays still matter, however we do not count any longer.

30. You stop feeling young. you are associate degree adult. most likely have youngsters and much of bills. Fun times.

35. you begin analyzing life a lot of. perhaps you alter careers. The body feels less indestructible. The belly grows.

40. You get an unpleasant image within the paper with a lordy, lordy, look who's forty caption. Welcome to time of life. Things begin to harm a trifle. Belly keeps growing.

50. Time for an additional image with a good, nifty, look who's fifty caption. Life is flying by. you almost certainly have grandkids United Nations agency you spoil and cargo up with candy, before you drop them off at their oldsters house. Revenge is nice. Your mid- life crisis ought to be fully swing. Nice belly.

60. Luckily, you do not get that image within the paper. primarily as a result of no one has return up with a rhyme for sixty. You quit on obtaining obviate the belly and choose to eat what you wish. you simply live once right? The grandkids square measure the right age to get pleasure from those embarrassing stories concerning their oldsters. a lot of revenge.

65. Retirement is here, or a minimum of your adulthood Pension is. you would possibly got to begin salutation at Walmart to create ends meet. If you have got cash, perhaps you purchase a winnebago and travel. perhaps you begin enjoying golf or bowling.

70. no one will rhyme this one either, therefore you are off the hook. we tend to obtain you a cake and have a celebration. folks you do not bear in mind show up and tell you ways nice you look. you almost certainly get to feature the word nice to your name.

80. This one positively lands you back within the paper. we tend to love you a lot of currently, therefore we tend to use a twenty year previous image that creates you look smart. we've an enormous party with cake. folks you do not acknowledge show up and tell you ways nice you look. wherever were they the last 10 years?

90. More cake. This year you get to eat food if you wish. If you are lucky you add another nice to your name.

100. Huge cake. Even larger party. folks you've got ne'er met show up and tell you ways young you look. wherever were they the last sixty years?

So did we tend to decipher if birthdays matter? i do know a way to determine. simply forget your important other's birthday, and you will determine pretty fast. which may be dangerous for your health. Did any of you ever do that? i have not, however I've had a couple of shut calls. Thanks Kayla.

At the Munn menage, we've associate degree age previous tradition of farm Queen frozen dessert cake. From here, my married woman and that i sometimes derive pleasure a Chinese buffet. probably flowers for her. though the speed of come on it investment is quite low. the children sometimes gravitate towards a pizza pie party and 1,000,000 presents.

What square measure your birthdays traditions? Leave U.S.A. a comment and allow us to apprehend.

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